Avoiding a leaky bathroom

| Posted on: November 28, 2017

With that much water around, it is often common to develop a leak of some sort in your bathroom. One of the most common leaks is a from a show tray or bathtub and it can be hard to find out why. Often you will not be aware of a leak until you see the water start to pour in though the celling below. This can be very dangerous, especially if the water gets in to a light fitting.

The first thing to do is to try and establish where the leak is coming from. Remove the side of the bath or the floor boards around the shower try and see if you can see a dripping pipe or one that has become detached. If you cannot see any issues then run the water very slowly and see if you can trace it. If you still cannot see any cause then it is most likely to be due to a sealant issue. This is particularly common around baths and shower trays and can be hard to spot. The easiest thing to do is to silicon all the way around and then test again with a little water to see if it comes through.