Making small change to your bathroom can have a big effect

| Posted on: April 28, 2017

A bathroom should be a place that you can relax and feel comfortable. Many people would love to be able to have a completely new bathroom suite with the latest in technology shower, double sized bath and self-flushing toilet, but often this is way out of our affordability range.

There are simple changes you can make which don’t cost the earth or require paying for professional help. These small improvements can bring a touch of modern design to any bathroom space and are easily achievable too.

Why not change your normal basin for a vanity unit, this will not only add a lot of extra storage space to your bathroom but can make it look more stylish and modern. A vanity unit utilises the unused area beneath the basin for storage. This provides an area to store those bathroom essentials close to hand. Keeping these essentials hidden from view can keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free.

Changing the taps on your basin and bath can make a huge difference to the look of a bathroom and does not have to cost the earth, always have a look out in bargain bins at hardware shops as often you can pick up some nice taps at a fraction of the cost.