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Five Tips to Consider When Trimming Tiles

| Posted on: September 30, 2017

When you select a tile for your next home project, you’ll find that you have many choices. Ceramic tiles are the most popular because it is functional and durable. But you can also choose decorative tiles, such as metal or glass tiles. Which trim tile is right for you depends… Read more »

Ways of making your bathroom look bigger

| Posted on: September 2, 2017

Many of us dream of a luxury large bathroom that has plenty of space for a deluxe shower and an extra-large bath but often our bathrooms are just far too small. If you do try and put too many appliances and features in your bathroom you can actually make it… Read more »

All You Need To Know About Plastic Tile Trim

| Posted on: August 30, 2017

It is always useful to lay the few plastic tile finishes on floor or counter in advance to see how they will look. Do not be afraid to put out a big patch. It’s better to decide before using the glue so that you do not like the appearance than… Read more »

Choosing the correct units for your bathroom

| Posted on: August 3, 2017

When deciding on what units to have in your bathroom, you may be surprised at the amount of choices you have. Firstly you need to establish what space you have to work in. If you do not already have your bathroom suite in place then make sure you have at… Read more »